The Single Best Investment You Can Make for Your Farm

The FOB Ag Logistics Platform unites farmers and grain merchants, optimizes their relationship, and increases their interactions in a smart, efficient manner. The results are nonlinear increases in utility and value for all parties across the supply chain. 

The biggest challenges in the agricultural freight system aren’t linked to the price of grain. 

The biggest problems are linked to the lack of visibility and transparency into the timing and execution of grain movement through the supply chain. Bottlenecks that emerge in the supply chain are universally linked to communication, access to data, and the traditionally high costs of enterprise management software. 

But FOB eliminates these bottlenecks by enabling counterparties to track and manage the movement of loads. FOB gives all parties an eye in the sky of selected personnel, trucks, and other freight assets in the supply chain. In addition, parties can quickly digitize load documents and streamline communications among parties on one central platform.

The results are significant incremental value to both grain producers and merchants.

Why FOB? Why Now?

Because agriculture has unique bottlenecks and pain points that are largely specific to every party. And enterprise level software has traditionally carried a very expensive price tag.

But FOB is affordable, customizable, and addresses these common pain points experienced by farmers and counterparties.