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with a logistics platform built to connect farmers with their markets

What our members say

“FOB has taken a lot of the stress out of running a grain fleet, whether its a direct ship, on-farm pickup or commercial to commercial transaction, FOB is built to account for the various ways grain is traded and hauled.”

Bryan Schrader, Ag Producers Co-op

The FOB Network is a dependable source of loads, and a great way to keep my truck fleet moving. Access to FOB gives us the added peace of mind knowing we can roll our trucks all year round.”

Mitch Foles, Midwest Trucking

Harvest logistics are always a tremendous challenge. FOB has really helped us get a handle on it and given us visibility we needed to make adjustments and re-route trucks as soon as we ran into bottlenecks.

Jim Greenlee, Greenlee Farms

“Making sure that our grain is moving correctly, on time, and to the right price is getting more complex just about every day…FOB has really helped us manage the unmanageable.”

Mike Smith, Smith Farms

How FOB Works:

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Ag Logistics Reimagined

The FOB Logistics Platform unites grain producers and merchants, optimizing their relationship, and increasing their interactions in a smart, efficient manner. The results are nonlinear increases in utility and value for all parties across the Ag supply chain.

FOB was built to help grain producers, drivers and buyers create more opportunities for one another through increased coordination and collaboration.

Features FOB Pros Love


Book loads through the FOB web or mobile app in just a few clicks. Notifications will be sent out to your partners instantly.


Schedule loads with your drivers, pickups with your producers, and drop-offs with your end-users in one easy to use scheduling dashboard.


Use the FOB dispatch control center to gain real-time visibility of your fleet, loads, drivers, their truck location, statuses and ETAs,


All-in-one communications with your team members, partners and customers via the FOB mobile or web app.

Digital Docs

Digitize all relevant load documents, from scale tickets, inspections, grain samples, to bill of ladings.


Improve coordination with your producers and capture value through direct ship, on-farm pickup programs and backhaul opportunities.

FOB Manager

Control Your Fleet, Anywhere

  • Download the app

  • Add Your Team Members and Truck Fleet
  • Create and Assign loads
  • Track Your Loads and Drivers in Real-Time
  • Geofence Alerts for Pickup and Drop-Offs

All FOB Members can download our app now for free on any Android or iOS device


Get The App

Control your Fleet, Wherever You Are

  • Download the app for free

  • GPS Finds Your Location for Pickup

  • Track Your Ride
  • Accumulate Rewards
  • Save 10% On Bookings

Download our app now for free on any Android or iOS device


Features Producers Love

Full Fleet Visibility

Monitor your entire grain fleet to and from your fields or on-farm storage with one easy to use mobile application.

Load Management

Easily create, schedule, and assign your loads in advance or on the fly. Gain the full control you need to avoid freight bottlenecks.



Track every load in progress, from dispatch to payment with digital documentation and time stamped proof of delivery.

World Class Technology

Manage your fleet through the FOB Manager app and provide your drivers with the FOB Driver app so they can provide the visibility and notifications you need to optimize your operations.

Real-Time Communications

In-app messaging to communicate with your team and manage the entire load cycle. Gain notifications on inbound loads headed for pickup and outbound loads being delivered.

Remote Controlled

With the FOB Manager app you can pilot your people, equipment and product anytime from anywhere. Schedule, dispatch, and track loads from the cab of your combine or home.

FOB Driver

Once you have joined the FOB network. You can download the FOB Driver app on Android and iOS.


Get the Driver app

Once you have joined the FOB network. You can download the FOB Driver app on Android and iOS.


Features FOB Drivers Love

Schedule Notifications

FOB Drivers get visibility to assigned work and real-time driver alerts for changes to pickup locations, drop-off locations and cancellations.

Quick and Easy Check-Ins

Facilitate a quick check-in/out process and provide clear instructions to help reduce driver dwell time at pickup and drop off destinations.

Coordinate with all Partners

Coordinate with your shippers and carriers by sharing your progress in realtime. Share your ETA, call a freight provider or supplier, declare a delay, drop-off, pick-up, and more.